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Mission and Vision


CITAB is committed to collaborating and consulting stakeholders in order to analyze and understand their needs, problems or constraints. We use multidisciplinarity and innovation to reply to these needs in order to create opportunities in national and regional agri-food and forestry production chains and in natural resources management, resulting in more competitive value chains, a better and sustainable environment and more developed societal knowledge.


Address stakeholders needs and contribute to the national economy, by innovative science and technology, and higher inputs efficiency to improve the competitiveness and sustainability in agriculture and forestry production chains, whilst developing integrated approaches to protect, improve and maintain ecosystems and the services they provide and promoting sustainability in natural resource management.

Networking News

PhD AgriChains Spring Conferences 1st & 2nd June 017
On the 1st & 2nd June 2017, Agrichains students and teachers from Wagening University (WUR), University of Minho and UTAD organize another cycle of conferences, aiming to present the progress of their research and to learn about cut-of-the-edge investigations performed at WUR .
Election of CITAB’s Director: Polling stations location
The election of the new CITAB’s Director will take place on the 11th May 2017, from 14h00 to 17h00, at the following polling sations: UTAD’s polling station: CITAB’s Secretariat – room C1.10 Laboratorial building, Vila Real. UMinho’s polling station: Library of the Biology Department – Campus Gualtar, Braga. UPorto’s polling station: Departamento de Geociências, Ambiente e Ordenamento do [...]
Provisional list of candidates for the election of CITAB´s Director
For the election of CITAB´s Director, the Electoral Commission received and validated one candidacy: Prof. Doutora Ana Isabel Ramos Novo Amorim de Barros.
CITAB´s Director election May 2017
Following CITAB´s Electoral Regulation, it becomes public that the Electoral Comission for the election of the Director of this research unit is composed by the following CITAB members: Chair: Prof. Doutor José Manuel Moutinho Pereira. Members: Prof. Doutor Alberto Carlos Pires Dias Prof. Doutor Mário Gabriel Santiago dos Santos Prof. Doutor Hernâni Varanda Gerós Prof. Doutora Paula Alexandra Martins de [...]
Newsletter nº 9 – December 2016 already available!