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/ Ci�ncia Viva

Identificação e aplicações biotecnológicas dos cogumelos
Start Date/ 2010-07/ Coordinator/ Rui Manuel Furtado Bezerra/ See details
A água no Ambiente
Coordinator/ João Carlos Andrade dos Santos/ See details
A Meteorologia e as TIC no Ensino da Física
Coordinator/ João Carlos Andrade dos Santos/ See details

Latest Publications

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Fraga, H., & Santos, J. A. (2018). Vineyard mulching as a climate change adaptation measure: Future simulations for Alentejo, Portugal. Agricultural Systems, 107–115.
Fraga, H., García de Cortázar Atauri, I., & Santos, J. A. (2018). Viticultural irrigation demands under climate change scenarios in Portugal. Agricultural Water Management, 66–74.
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