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/ Biosystems Engineering


The Biosystems Engineering (BE) group is composed of 13 full members, 13 PhD collaborators and 9 Non-PhD collaborators with expertise on engineering sciences, namely Biomaterials, Digital Image Processing, Image Based Systems, Bioenergy, Signal Processing, Data Communications and Biotelemetry.

General objectives

The BE group’s principal aim is the design and development of engineering technologies applied to agri-forestry systems, environment and life contributing towards sustainable development and better quality of life.


The research of this team is focused in two main projects:

Bio-based materials and energy

There is an increasing interest in agricultural materials and forest renewable resources for structural applications and as primary energy source. A fundamental requirement for efficient and competitive use of these materials is the precise knowledge of their mechanical and physical behaviour. This project aims to develop a materials science approach to wood mechanics, from the micro to macro levels, which is fundamental for promoting wood as a soundly characterized engineering material. The project also aims to improve bioenergetic conversion technology of agricultural and forest materials and wastes.


  • Mechanical behaviour of bio-based materials and structures
  • Fracture behaviour of bio-based materials and structures
  • Bioenergy from agriculture and forest materials
  • Biomass gasification and combustion studies

Image based systems

The need for sustainable development and improved quality of life have direct implications for agriculture and forestry, leading to the improved use of natural resources and more objective, accurate production and assessment methodologies.

Image-based systems have been used increasingly in the agricultural industry for inspection, evaluation and measurement purposes as they provide economic, consistent and objective assessment. They have long been recognized as a potential technique for the guidance or control of agricultural and food processes with manifold applications.

This project aims to design and develop computer vision and image processing based systems and solutions in the areas of agro-forestry, environment and biology.


  • Design and development of image-based classification methodologies
  • Design and development of hyperspectral image based analysis methodologies
  • Design and development of image-based methodologies applied to agro-forestry models
  • Design and development of image-based methodologies applied to biological models