International Workshop "From the Stream to the Coast: Valuing Ecosystem Services to promote the Sustainable Development of River Basins" | 8-9 Nov 2019

CITAB and CIIMAR are working together in this relevant and pertinent event on the subjects of Ecosystem services: assessment and valuation under global change; Smart and creative management: Linking nature and culture; Assessment of regulating services provided by ecosystems from catchment to coast; Artificial intelligence & semantic web-supported collaborative modelling for Ecosystem Services.

CITAB is the European Researchers' Night 2019 - The adventure starts here!

This year, CITAB will help Luke ScienceWalker and his friends to save the galaxy! And will show that Science is n the City! September 27, in Centro Multimeios de Espinho and Altice Forum Braga.

Congress "Digital Agro-Food & Forestry (r)evolution" | 12-13 December 2019 | UTAD - Vila Real

This international Congress will present a diversified program, designed to promote discussion forums on the most relevant topics in the Agro-food and Forestry areas, including the Internet of Things and Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Remote Sensing. Registrations open!

LegSeedCoat Project Open Day

Dissemination session of the LegSeedCoat project - Legume seed coating with beneficial microorganisms for increased productivity and resilience under climate change conditions [PTDC/AGR-TEC/1140/2014].

Ciência p'ra que te quero! Looking for chemical elements

Hands-on activities for children aged 6 to 10.

Workshop "Valorização de resíduos orgânicos e Compostagem"

Workshop promoted by the INTERREG project "Res2ValHUM"

Ciência p'ra que te quero! The Chemistry of the Water

Hands-on activities for children aged 6 to 10

Ciência p'ra que te quero! HEARTS with Scientia

Hands-on activities for children aged 6 to 10

Seminar "Interest of wine components in pathologies prevention and well being"

Lecture by Prof. Norbert Latruffe (Univ. Bourogne: Dijon)